MTech Projects for ECE and EEE Engineering Students

LX110T, the card can be plu gged into a commodity computer system. If everything . works correctly the BIOS should detect the card and boot up the operating system. In . the first basic test the I'm working on an XUPV5-LX110T and I'm trying to read the status register over JTAG. I'm getting incorrect data, but I can't see why. I seem to be getting all zeros. I suspect it has to do with the order of the JTAG chain, but I'm not sure how I should adjust the order of the commands I send. PusandKorenek[18] 100 125 23.5 Virtex5 LX110T ChangandChen[16] 103.53 161.76 63.5 Virtex-6 XC5VFX200T Fiessleretal.[24] 92.16 180 NA Virtex-7 XC7VX690T Oroszetal.[25] 100 312 NA Virtex-6 XC6VHX255T Zhouetal.[20] 147mil NA NA Virtex-7 XC7VX690T Irfanetal.[17] 37.3 259 18 Virtex-6 XC6VLX760 JiangandPrasanna[19] 100 167 17.4 Virtex-5 XC5VFX200T • State-of-the-art LX110T FPGA: ~1M logic gates. – Interfaces: Audio in/out, digital video, • Handheld Calculator 21. Spring 2012 EECS150 lec01-intro Page Example Digital Systems • Digital Watch – Low power operation comes at the expense of: • lower speed • higher cost Designed to minimize power. Single battery must last for years. 22. Spring 2012 EECS150 lec01-intro Page (XUPV5-LX110T, xc5vlx110t, grade ff1136, speed -1), in . terms of the number of Look Up Tables (LUTs) and Flip . Flops (F-Fs) used. We used Xilinx Project Studio (XPS) for . configuring the FPG A The implementation of this design can be done with the help of an FPGA kit like XUP Virtex 5 LX110T. The design of the filter will show the development in design time & efficiency. Health Monitoring System in Emergency using IoT. This project implements a system to monitor the patient’s body in 24X7 through an IoT. By using this system, the • LX110T FPGA: ~1M logic gates. (17K x quad LUT+FF) – Interfaces: Audio in/out, digital video, ethernet, on-board DRAM, PCIe, USB, Fall 2013 EECS150 lec01-intro Page 12 Final Project: Spring 2012 • Executes most commonly used MIPS instructions. • Pipelined (high performance) implementation. • Serial console interface for shell interaction, debugging, data-transfer In the Internet of things (IoT), network devices and mobile systems should exchange a considerable amount of data with negligible delays. For this purpose, the community has used the software-defined networking (SDN), which has provided high-speed flow-based communication mechanisms. To satisfy the requirements of SDN in the classification of communicated packets, high-throughput packet Embedded FPGA Board Calculator Aug 2012 – Dec 2012. The purpose of this project was to design a calculator using a Xilinx FPGA embedded systems board. Our designed embedded system was able to

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